New Printer

I bought a new printer for my computer. The instruction manual indicated that I should print a test page. I walked to the printer, pressed the appropriate button, and printed the aforementioned test page, proving that the printer is working fine.

Dry Toast

The toast I was eating was somewhat dry. I grabbed a knife and applied some butter onto the toast, thereby rectifying the situation.

Grocery Savings

I went to the grocery store today. The receipt indicated that I saved $7 on my purchases. I have not decided what to do with the extra $7.

Morning Darkness

I woke up before sunrise this morning. It was dark outside and in the house. I walked over to the light switch and turned it on, thereby illuminating my surroundings.

Ceiling Fan

I looked up at the ceiling and noticed that the ceiling fan was switched off. I felt comfortable, so I took no action, leaving the fan as is.

Dirty Socks

My socks were dirty. I picked them up, walked over to the laundry hamper, and deposited the socks inside.