Cold Roast Beef

I ate some roast beef but found it too cold. I placed it in the microwave and heated it to a more desirable temperature. I then consumed the roast beef.

Back Itch

The middle of my back was itching but I could not reach that spot with my hands. I decided to rub the said spot on the corner of the wall, thereby relieving my itch.

Feeling Cold

I woke up this morning feeling cold. I walked to the closet, grabbed a sweater, and put it on. The sweater insulated my body, helping me feel less cold.


The doorbell rang but I did not feel like responding. Consequently, I do not know who rang the doorbell.


“Wow”. I just realized that word reads the same backwards as it does forwards.

Felt Uncomfortable

While sitting on my chair, I realized that I felt slightly uncomfortable. I shifted my weight, successfully adopting a more comfortable posture.

Car Engine

I heard the sound of an engine. I looked out the window and saw a car passing by. It was a white car. I then resumed my prior activity.

My Haircut

I had a haircut at the barber today. Consequently, my hair is shorter now than it was yesterday.