Crooked Chair

I noticed that one dining room chair was slightly off-center. I walked up to the chair and carefully adjusted it so that it was in the correct position.

Ant on My Knee

I felt something on my knee, looked down, and saw that it was an ant. I took a deep breath and blew hard, ridding myself of the aforementioned insect.

2-Ply Toilet Paper

I realized that I had mistakenly purchased 1-ply toilet paper. I reached out, grabbed double the length I needed and folded it in half, thereby rectifying my mistake.

Stuck Food

I had a food particle stuck between my teeth. I reached for a toothpick, dislodged the food, and felt much better.

Hot Tea

I attempted to take a sip of green tea but it was too hot to drink. I put the teacup down and waited until the tea reached a more desirable temperature. I then raised the teacup to my lips and took a sip.

Toothpaste Cap

I opened the toothpaste tube and noticed that there was some toothpaste inside the cap. I took some tissue paper and wiped it off, restoring the cap to its original condition.

TV Volume

I was watching television and the volume was a bit too loud. I grabbed the remote and pressed a button, thereby reducing the volume to a more acceptable level.

Laying in Bed

While laying in bed reading a book, I felt cold. I covered myself with the blanket and continued reading.

Going Outside

I decided to leave the house and go outside. After a few minutes, I returned to my original location.