Met a Girl

I met a girl yesterday. She is pretty. But she’s not as nice as my Mum. I have not called her yet.

Found Coins in My Couch

I found a few coins under the cushions on my couch today. After careful deliberation, I decided to leave the coins there because it seemed like the safest place.

Insufficient Funds

I am going to switch banks because mine seems to neglect their ATMs . I have been to 3 branches and each ATM machine says, “insufficient funds”.


There is a hurricane warning in effect where I live. I bought some batteries. They are AA size batteries.

Dead Mouse

My computer mouse stop working today. I shook it and smacked it a few times, but it still would not respond. I realized that the battery must be dead so I retrieved a AAA battery from the cupboard nearby, extracted the old one from the mouse, and replaced it with the new battery. The mouse […]

Going For A Walk

I am going for a walk now. I will be back in a few minutes. Sometimes, if I walk slowly, it takes more than a few minutes.